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  1. Gilsia

    I took them for two weeks and I got so excited when I lost 6 pounds the first week. However I stopped taking them 2 days ago because all of the second week I’ve been having horrible stomach pains. I woke up two days in the middle of the night and threw up! This also happened the 3rd day on the pill but I didn’t think anything of it since my stomach wasn’t hurting. Yesterday and today I have been feeling great. I don’t think I will continue to take them, it’s not worth it to me.

  2. Kristen

    I have been taking these pills for awhile now and know alot of people taking them i live in the united states and these pills are sold at a few stores in my area that have been FDA approved so the rumors of these pills are false yes there are some fake remakes of them but if you purchase from a reliable site you will have no issue or store…as in any diet if U DO NOT WORKOUT you will not see drastic weightloss like some people have as well as eating healthy.

  3. Jazmin

    I’ve been taking them like 2 months now I’ve lost
    lost 21 pounds I original weighted 180, now I’m 159 I feel great some clothes feel more lose also,my face looks thinner.But I would agree with the side affects
    I once stayed up 2 days straight with sleeping which that was werid because I usually can’t stay up all night especially 2 days.My mouth is always dry even though I drink about 4 bottles of water because am always
    thirsty I’m barley hungry but I make sure I eat twice a day because you can get sick for not eating. The pills work great its like when your on them you want to eat more but your stomach refuses to eat. Overall, I recommend you to exercise At least a hour a day, the pill needs help on burning body fat for better results.

  4. brenda

    i have highblood pressure can i take these pills?

  5. Leticia

    Anyone know where I can purchase these pills?

  6. jo

    I found a site that sells them for $10.00 (about). I saw all this info and have done my homework. Yes, they have some side effects, but I am going to order 1 months supply and use them sparingly (every other day.) I have had high blood pressure since I was a kid, so I have a low metobolism now because of adrenal indefiency. I thought I should say a few things in favor and not in favor. I first found these in the “chews” not pills, which I am going to order. There are ingredients that are not listed and are only given through a dr’s rx. Meridia (remember that one?!) The FDA canned it, but it is still rxed out. It helps with hunger buy causes a lot of thirst. Phenolphthalein is a laxative, so watch it! You will have those cramps! For this reason, I am going to “wean” onto it. 1/2 in the morning only every other day, then 1 every other day. And only in the morning. Bumetanide is a diuretic, so expect some time in the bathroom for this one and the latter. There is also Dilantan a medicine for epilepsy, so it changes your “mind,” so to speak. So, it helps with those cravings. But because of these perscriptions, I will start slow and then add on HOW I FEEL, the best way to test the water!
    Hope this helps ALL!

  7. Sujira

    Last year I was 173lbs and having knee problems, so in an attempt to loose weight I took Mizitang for about 10 months and my weight reduced to 123lb. I am 52 years and average health. I did face some dry mouth and a little quicker heart beat around 76 bpm but these gradually disappear as I continued the medicine. I also give up sugar and rice plus walk about 1 hr in the morning and around 30 min in the evening.

    I stopped Meizitang on September 2011 but continued my daily walking schedules but my weigh gain back gradually and now in July 2012 I weigh 136lb. (ab increase of 13 lbs in 10 months)

    Since I am on proper diet and exercise routine of 1:30 hrs daily walks I cannot find any other means but to take Mizitang again as I previously did not have any side effects with it.

    So my advice is if you take such medicines, you should test for at least three months to see you body could handle the effects of the medicine. In my case after three months to Meizitang, my body adjust to the medicine so well that dry mouth, speed up heart rate and sleeplessness did not happened anymore.

    Despite I am 53 with moderate health condition, Meizitang is a reasonable weight loss product for me.

  8. roxy

    i took these pills for about a month and they made me feel shaki and my mouth was constantly dry i was always irritaded and on top of that my kidneys started to hurt alot they did help me lose weight but the side effects were awful. Not to mention the terrible headaches!

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